Venice Best Hostels

Venice, Italy: Family Travel Guide 

Are you planning a trip to Venice, Italy and do not know what to expect, when you arrive in the country? Millions of people travel to Italy each year to do a lot of sightseeing. Venice holds some of the most beautiful churches, national monuments, and museums, which are filled with photo galleries and Italian art. If you are interested in all that Venice has to offer, you will need to devise a travel plan so that you can get the most out of your vacation.

Arrival Expectations

You will most likely arrive at the Marco Polo Airport, and then you will be required to rely on the water taxi or public bus service in order to get to your motel in Venice. If you decide to travel by water taxi you should expect a long wait, during tourist season, since it is always very crowded. If you decide to rent a car, you will not make it any further than the western part of Venice; this is where you will have to park your vehicle, because there are no roads past this point, but be aware that parking fees are very expensive. This may not be this best route to take to reach your destination.

Affordable Hostels

If you are on a vacation budget, you should book your stay at the Venice Garden. This affordable hostel is located in Cannaregio, Venice and has very little to offer in the way of privacy. You will have to share a room with others and spend around 18 Euros per night. Of course, this will save you a lot of money, but is it truly worth it?

The Hotel Domus Cavanis Venice is located in Dorsoduro and offers double rooms for families for around 40 Euros nightly, but you do get a free breakfast thrown in with the price. You will also have your very own private bath, which is definitely a plus.

Best Hostels

Many foreign tourists prefer to stay in a hostel that is in the vicinity of the tourist sites that they plan to visit during their vacation. If you want to be pampered on your visit to Venice, you may consider booking your sleeping accommodations at the Ancient Venice Bed and Breakfast, which is located in Dorsoduro. This luxurious bed and breakfast was built in 1826 and is situated in a part of the city that offers beautiful views right from the privacy of your room.

Like America, Italy has its very own Best Western Hotel, which is located in Santa Croce, Venice. This hostel is a little more expensive than the Venice Garden, but it will offer you a very comfortable place to stay and is very easy to access by car.

Hotel Carlton Grand Canal is located in Santa Croce and offers some great views of the Grand Canal. This is a very rich hostel that will cost you about 120 Euros nightly, with a potential increase, during high tourist season.

One of the best hostels in St. Marco is the beautiful Hotel Al Codgega. This hostel has just recently opened and the rooms are absolutely perfect, but you are going to have to spend 295 Euros nightly. This is definitely a significant amount of money, but it is well worth it to be safe and comfortable.


Most Common Web Design Mistakes

Most Common Web Design Mistakes

As a small business owner you know how beneficial your website is to your business. Your website, if designed correctly has the potential to bring in new visitors and customers while you sleep. The beauty of viewing your website as a long term asset, is that it allows you to invest more time and energy into it without thinking it’s a waste.

By investing in your website you’ll be creating a channel that will bring you visitors and new traffic for the long-term. In this article we’re going to highlight the top web design mistakes you’ll come across. Who knows? You may even be committing a few of these mistakes yourself.

1. Common spelling errors

Of course, some spelling errors will slip under the radar. This happens to all of us. However, if there’s too many glaring spelling errors, this will turn off your visitors and can even decrease your authority if they happen too often. No one expects you to be perfect. But, by taking the time to read every word carefully, especially in your web copy, you’ll ensure you’re not turning visitors away.

2. Poor navigation

The moment a user gets to your site they’re usually looking for something. This means you’ll want to provide them with what they’re looking for in the simplest way possible. The more steps you have in the way of your user actually doing the thing they want to do, the more frequently this visitor will simply leave your site.

One way to minimize this is to make sure your navigation is straightforward and simple. Display your navigation elements in a clear manner. Also, make sure you don’t include too many choices, this will just overwhelm your visitors.

3. Lack of Call-To-Action implementation

If you aren’t directing your visitor around your site, or telling them what action to take after they’ve read a blog post, then you’re missing out on the reason for this traffic in the first place. You’ll want to craft your CTAs so that they point your visitor towards an action that you want them to take. This could mean subscribing to your list, reading more on your site, or buying your product.

4. Low quality content

Your content needs to be valuable and engaging to your readers. If you want your readers to share your content it needs to add something to their life. You should view your content as a way to entice your visitors before they decide to buy something from you.

Your goal should be to create content so good, that your users are dying to buy something from you. Astound them.

5. No social media integration

If you haven’t integrated the ability to share your articles, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. If you’re creating amazing content you’ll want to provide an avenue for your readers to share it. Make sharing as easy as a single click.

I hope this article has been valuable and opened your eyes to some of the mistakes you might have been committing. By fixing these mistakes you’ll improve the overall user experience of your site, which will cause visitors to stay around longer, and even convert to long-term customers.

Design has a larger scope than your color scheme. Your website design encompasses every single element, this includes marketing, content, and user interaction.