How Do Seasoned Ravers Survive EDM Concerts?

If you have ever been to an EDM festival then you understand what we mean when we say that these are trips you live to remember throughout your life. From the endless tales of awe-inspiring DJ sets to dazzling light shows, tents or lack of sleeping places and all those other things, EDM concerts are as exciting as they are challenging to survive too. They are full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences and OMG stories. They are also full of horror experiences too, especially when the weekend decides to take a wrong turn and everything goes awry.

So how do the seasoned revelers survive EDM concerts?

How do you survive the all-weekend exhaustion and still regale in the partying?

Don’t be the sulky reveler who attends one festival and swears never to step near another one again. Here are some of the EDM best practices that seasoned revelers adopt to stay in form all weekend and still remain energized enough to look forward to attend the next event miles away in another city.

Seasoned revelers know the importance of staying well hydrated at all times. Yes, we are talking about water here. A majority of festivals takes place in places with warm climates during some of the hottest months of the year. Many cities have at least one concert during summer. Having a bottle of water at hand all day long may just make the difference between enjoying the party and posting “worst experience ever” on your Facebook wall. Avoid overdosing yourself with energy drinks with lots of sugar. Take plenty of good old plain water and you’ll be fine.

You have a weather app in your phone or at least you can download one for free. We hardly ever give much to things like weather apps, but before you even start thinking of packing for an EDM festival, check what kind of weather you expect to find in the city hosting the festival. You’ll know what to pack if you can determine with a little accuracy what the weather will be like. Nothing ruins the party mood as being in the middle of a downpour with the skimpiest attire ever and cursing yourself for not packing that poncho. Take time to check that weather app before you leave home.

Many festivals take place between April and September which are months of unpredictable weather conditions. The best you can do for yourself when attending one of these festivals is to dress in layers so you can cope with changing weather conditions. A good plan is to begin the day in warm gear then shed off the warm items in the afternoon depending on the weather, and finally rave in your tank and shorts when the night sets in. Remember, you may have to get back to the warm stuff late at night when it gets cooler. The trick is to be prepared for the entire day and night.
Many festivals don’t allow you to enter the venue lugging a suitcase or large bag around. If you have one of those fanny packs that were popular back in the 90s, and are surprisingly back in fashion, you can pack a few essentials that you’ll need and get into the festival without a problem. Fanny packs are allowed in festivals. Don’t forget to carry your IDs or passport, especially if you will fly abroad to attend a festival, and a few other things such as eye glasses and phone. The pack is safer too than walking into the venue with pockets bulging with your necessities. Most revelers still look trendy with their rave gear tied to their waist and a fanny pack on their chest.

It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran reveler or a newbie, but being prepared to have fun and a great time of your life is a must if you want to enjoy the festival. Carry along your best mood and a smile. Don’t forget to carry along your rave footwear including LED light up shoes to maximize your reveling experience.

That is how seasoned revelers stay in shape and have fun all weekend non-stop.

Is A Barrel Tile Roof More Secure Than A Metal Roof?

Is your roof in need of a replacement and you are having difficulty deciding which type of roof tiles to replace it with? If so, you are not alone, because thousands of homeowners are faced with this same issue each year. This is a very difficult decision to make, especially if you are unfamiliar with the types of roofing tiles that are available on the market. Below, you will discover the answer to “is a barrel tile roof more secure than a metal roof” and much more.


Slate and clay tiles have been utilized for many decades to secure home from the elements. It is obvious how durable these tiles are, since they were capable of withstanding decades of Mother Nature’s elements. Of course, technology has taken the tile roof to a whole new level. The clay tile is very expensive and out of reach for most homeowners, so manufacturers decided to eliminate this issue, by developing plastic and concrete tiles. This type of roofing tiles are much more affordable, but they be lacking in durability and longevity.

Extremely Heavy

Roofing tiles can definitely transform any ordinary home into a Spanish veranda, but they are very heavy. Much preparation is required, before the installation process begins. The roof must be reinforced with additional supports, just to prevent the roof from collapsing. Most roofing companies offer this service, along with the installation, so do not fret.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has become extremely popular, because it offers a lifetime of 50 years or longer. The metal is very appealing and available in various colors, so it can be enveloped into the design of your home. Metal is a lightweight material, so there will be no need to make any roofing support alterations. This alone will make the metal roof much more affordable and within reach of many homeowners.


When comparing the metal roof and roof tiles, it can be challenging. The roof tile is available in two different styles, flat, barrel, and pantiles. The flat tiles are very easy to install, since they lay flat on the roof in an overlapping fashion. The pantiles are a little more difficult to install, since they must be hooked together, but this is necessary to keep them flowing in a straight line and secure.

The tile roof has a natural ventilation system, which allows air to freely flow underneath the tiles. This not only aids in keeping the attic cooler, but will aid in keeping them secure on the roof during a natural disaster. Roofing tiles have undergone extensive testing and it was proved that they are capable of withstanding winds up to 150 miles per hour.

When installing a metal roof, the panels are overlapped and screwed down with metal screws or nails. While the metal offers longevity, it is questionable how well they can withstand hurricane winds. If the metal panels are not secured properly to the roof, it is possible for wind to get underneath the panels and rip it right off of the roof.


It answer to the question “is a barrel tile roof more secure than a metal roof” is obvious. The barrel tile roof appears to be much more secure and can withstand very high hurricane winds.

8 Daily Power Tips to Keep Hair Healthy

We all fear losing our hair. We feel horrified every time we see a strand of our hair falling out when we comb or brush. Often times, this is probably only because we see TV ads of hair products instilling in our minds that hair fall is not normal at all. In some cases, we conclude that hair fall is an indicator of a weaker, thinner, or finer hair.

The hair undergoes cyclical degeneration and regeneration. As a result, we lose 50 to 100 hair shafts every day, no matter how much care we supply it with. But this doesn’t absolve us from giving it insufficient attention. So to avoid all the troubles of getting the wrong idea, we should be informed about our hair and what we can do to keep it in good condition.

Here are a few tips to maintain healthy, thicker hair:

  • Brushing is very beneficial to the hair with the right tools and the right method. It can stimulate hair growth by improving the circulation to the follicles. It can also help the hair to secrete its natural oils, making it look shinier and thicker. The perfect brush for any type of hair is a boar-bristle brush because it is similar to that of the keratin of the hair which is known to absorb dirt and excess oils. Do not brush your hair or use a narrow-toothed comb on it when it’s wet; instead, use a wide- or loose-toothed comb. The hair is in its weakest state when it is wet. Brushing it would only damage the hair shafts.
  • Do not forget to wash your hair regularly using a mild shampoo and deep conditioner, but avoid overwashing. Washing the hair removes the dirt, excess sebum, or such other debris which can contribute to hair loss.
  • Massage your scalp for at least five minutes every day. A therapeutic massage on the scalp helps improve the blood circulation to the hair follicles that have shrunk due to hair loss–causing factors.
  • Oil essences of rosemary, lavender, thyme, cedar-wood, jojoba, and peppermint are very good hair growth stimulation.
  • Eat right. Eggs, green leafy vegetables, fish, fresh fruits, oysters, toasted wheat germ, yogurt, soya, and whole grain are rich in certain vitamins and minerals that promote hair growth. On the other hand, sugar, fats, caffeine, and nicotine are detrimental to hair growth; thus, they are best avoided.
  • Drinking the right amounts of water each day can help with hair growth too. The hair is actually composed of one-fourth water so it is best to keep it hydrated.
  • Trim your hair once a month. Hair tips are made up of older cells which must have experienced more damage (i.e. split ends). Trimming can maintain a healthy-looking hair.

Avoid too much styling and steer clear from using too much harmful substances on the hair. Chemical treatments, constant blow-drying, straighteners, or iron curlers can damage the follicles. Also, they can make the hair break and lose its natural luster, and/or become frizzy.

Is Your Skin Care Effective In Removing Blackheads?

Finding the best treatment for blackheads may be daunting for both teens and adults. A person may continue to have blackheads until his or her middle age. Some of you may think that poor hygiene is the reason but having blackheads is not due to exposure to dirt and other skin irritants, or improper washing of the skin. Blackheads are a type of acne caused by the excess oil stored in the sebaceous glands.

There are more sebaceous glands on the face and scalp than on other parts of the body. Blackheads are caused by clogged mixture of oil and dead skin cells on the outlets of the sebaceous glands. They become black after exposure to the air due to oxidation.

Wrong Treatment Makes Blackheads Worse

Some people just buy over-the-counter acne creams to get rid of blackheads. However, these creams might aggravate the condition of the clogged pores to form more severe acne and larger pimples. Most acne creams seem to make blackheads disappear, but they come back even worse than before. It means that your treatment and skin care are not working to remove stubborn blackheads.

Top 3 Suggestions for Treating Blackheads Effectively

There is no guaranteed single full-blown treatment for blackheads. You need to try or experiment one treatment and see if it works. If it doesn’t, then try another until you land on the regimen that will get rid of your blackheads. More likely, you will need to practice and use a combination of all the things we are suggesting here to come up with good results.

Healthy Diet: Stay away from greasy, oily, and sugary foods. Replace junk foods with fruits and vegetables. Include lean meat, chicken, fish and sea foods alternately in your diet. Take foods rich in zinc to help control blackheads and other skin problems. Eating foods with beta carotene is also essential to make the skin healthy.

Facial Cleansing: Wash off excess oil and dead skin cells with mild soap or facial scrub and warm water. Avoid touching your face with unclean hands to prevent transfer of bacteria. These are the elements clogging the pores. This is not an expensive and difficult regimen, but it works well if you can do it consistently.

Plenty of Water: The water that you drink has an important role in eliminating wastes from the body. Drinking plain water enhances the excretion of toxins which are flushed out of the body with the water through urination. You can get rid of many skin issues including blackheads, pimples and other skin diseases if you drink a lot of water.

Prevention is Always Better than Cure

You can be better off without blackheads then regain confidence and have blemish-free skin if you can do the above suggestions. A certain treatment for blackheads may not work for everyone, but there will always be a treatment and regimen that will work especially for you.

Interested in a Career in Addiction Counseling?

Drug and alcohol addiction is a growing problem across the world, not least in North America. An estimated one in ten people over the age of 12 are struggling with addiction in the US, but less than 12% of them receive formal treatment. Addiction counselors play a vital role in helping people to recover from addiction and to get their lives back on track. If that sounds like an appealing career to you, read on!

What Does an Addiction Counselor Do?

Addiction counseling is a varied profession, but most counselors will work directly with clients who are dealing with an addiction. Typically, they will begin by interviewing the client to get an understanding of their unique addiction profile. Using the answers the client gives, as well as an observation of the client’s physical and mental health, the addiction counselor will then be able to draw up a personalized treatment plan.

The treatment plan will involve identifying the addiction triggers and figuring out ways to help the addict avoid those triggers. The addiction counselor also plays a role in helping an addict to repair their relationships with friends and family, and to build a network of support around them.

Addiction counselors work in hospitals, rehab centers, detention centers and in private practice too.

Addiction Counseling Degrees and Certifications

You cannot get a job in the addiction counseling field without a degree or certification in this field. In fact the higher the degree the better chance for the best paying job will become more available to you.

Kaplan University offers an online graduate certificate in addiction counseling. While UMASS Online offers a ACEP Addictions Counseling Education Programs certificate online to those looking to join the field.

What Are the Job Prospects for Addiction Counselors?

In 2014, the median salary for an addiction counselor was $41,870. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects demand for this profession to grow by an enormous 31% by 2022, so the job prospects are excellent for professionals in this field. This growth is fueled in part by a change in the way addicts are dealt with by the criminal justice system, with more emphasis on treatment in the community. Growth is also partly explained by the Affordable Care Act mandating the provision of mental health insurance coverage, which will lead to more people coming forward to seek treatment for their addictions.

Training to Be an Addiction Counselor
A bachelor’s degree is usually the first step on the road towards becoming an addiction counselor. Psychology, counseling or behavioral sciences are good majors, and interested students should ensure that they take as many addiction-related options within their degree as possible.

Following completion of the degree, most addiction counselors go on to take a Masters degree in Substance Abuse Counseling or similar. This will usually involve a certain amount of supervised training in a clinical setting, and is often enough to meet certification requirements, but you should always check the exact requirements in your state.

For those already working in a psychology or mental health field, it’s possible to take short certification courses in Substance Abuse Counseling, helping to make the career switch that much easier.

Is Substance Abuse Counseling Right For You?

Clearly, this can be a very rewarding field of work, as you are helping clients to literally turn their lives around. However, substance abuse counseling is not for everyone. This is very emotionally demanding work, and you will often be working with challenging and sometimes abusive clients.

It can be a very stressful job, and frustration levels are high, especially since a high proportion of clients will relapse despite the counselor’s best efforts.

Hours can be unsociable and irregular, and case loads are typically heavy, often requiring more than 40 hours a week. It’s essential that a substance abuse counselor has their own strong, stable support network of friends and family who understand the demands of their job.

Emotional maturity and a non-judgmental nature are vital characteristics for this job, as is the ability to remain calm and professional in challenging circumstances.

If you feel that it’s right for you, then addiction counseling can be a very meaningful role in life, with many good prospects for advancement and to develop your career. Successful addiction counselors in private practice can easily earn six figures a year, but for most people, this is a vocation rather than an easy way to get rich.

Venice Best Hostels

Venice, Italy: Family Travel Guide 

Are you planning a trip to Venice, Italy and do not know what to expect, when you arrive in the country? Millions of people travel to Italy each year to do a lot of sightseeing. Venice holds some of the most beautiful churches, national monuments, and museums, which are filled with photo galleries and Italian art. If you are interested in all that Venice has to offer, you will need to devise a travel plan so that you can get the most out of your vacation.

Arrival Expectations

You will most likely arrive at the Marco Polo Airport, and then you will be required to rely on the water taxi or public bus service in order to get to your motel in Venice. If you decide to travel by water taxi you should expect a long wait, during tourist season, since it is always very crowded. If you decide to rent a car, you will not make it any further than the western part of Venice; this is where you will have to park your vehicle, because there are no roads past this point, but be aware that parking fees are very expensive. This may not be this best route to take to reach your destination.

Affordable Hostels

If you are on a vacation budget, you should book your stay at the Venice Garden. This affordable hostel is located in Cannaregio, Venice and has very little to offer in the way of privacy. You will have to share a room with others and spend around 18 Euros per night. Of course, this will save you a lot of money, but is it truly worth it?

The Hotel Domus Cavanis Venice is located in Dorsoduro and offers double rooms for families for around 40 Euros nightly, but you do get a free breakfast thrown in with the price. You will also have your very own private bath, which is definitely a plus.

Best Hostels

Many foreign tourists prefer to stay in a hostel that is in the vicinity of the tourist sites that they plan to visit during their vacation. If you want to be pampered on your visit to Venice, you may consider booking your sleeping accommodations at the Ancient Venice Bed and Breakfast, which is located in Dorsoduro. This luxurious bed and breakfast was built in 1826 and is situated in a part of the city that offers beautiful views right from the privacy of your room.

Like America, Italy has its very own Best Western Hotel, which is located in Santa Croce, Venice. This hostel is a little more expensive than the Venice Garden, but it will offer you a very comfortable place to stay and is very easy to access by car.

Hotel Carlton Grand Canal is located in Santa Croce and offers some great views of the Grand Canal. This is a very rich hostel that will cost you about 120 Euros nightly, with a potential increase, during high tourist season.

One of the best hostels in St. Marco is the beautiful Hotel Al Codgega. This hostel has just recently opened and the rooms are absolutely perfect, but you are going to have to spend 295 Euros nightly. This is definitely a significant amount of money, but it is well worth it to be safe and comfortable.


Most Common Web Design Mistakes

Most Common Web Design Mistakes

As a small business owner you know how beneficial your website is to your business. Your website, if designed correctly has the potential to bring in new visitors and customers while you sleep. The beauty of viewing your website as a long term asset, is that it allows you to invest more time and energy into it without thinking it’s a waste.

By investing in your website you’ll be creating a channel that will bring you visitors and new traffic for the long-term. In this article we’re going to highlight the top web design mistakes you’ll come across. Who knows? You may even be committing a few of these mistakes yourself.

1. Common spelling errors

Of course, some spelling errors will slip under the radar. This happens to all of us. However, if there’s too many glaring spelling errors, this will turn off your visitors and can even decrease your authority if they happen too often. No one expects you to be perfect. But, by taking the time to read every word carefully, especially in your web copy, you’ll ensure you’re not turning visitors away.

2. Poor navigation

The moment a user gets to your site they’re usually looking for something. This means you’ll want to provide them with what they’re looking for in the simplest way possible. The more steps you have in the way of your user actually doing the thing they want to do, the more frequently this visitor will simply leave your site.

One way to minimize this is to make sure your navigation is straightforward and simple. Display your navigation elements in a clear manner. Also, make sure you don’t include too many choices, this will just overwhelm your visitors.

3. Lack of Call-To-Action implementation

If you aren’t directing your visitor around your site, or telling them what action to take after they’ve read a blog post, then you’re missing out on the reason for this traffic in the first place. You’ll want to craft your CTAs so that they point your visitor towards an action that you want them to take. This could mean subscribing to your list, reading more on your site, or buying your product.

4. Low quality content

Your content needs to be valuable and engaging to your readers. If you want your readers to share your content it needs to add something to their life. You should view your content as a way to entice your visitors before they decide to buy something from you.

Your goal should be to create content so good, that your users are dying to buy something from you. Astound them.

5. No social media integration

If you haven’t integrated the ability to share your articles, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. If you’re creating amazing content you’ll want to provide an avenue for your readers to share it. Make sharing as easy as a single click.

I hope this article has been valuable and opened your eyes to some of the mistakes you might have been committing. By fixing these mistakes you’ll improve the overall user experience of your site, which will cause visitors to stay around longer, and even convert to long-term customers.

Design has a larger scope than your color scheme. Your website design encompasses every single element, this includes marketing, content, and user interaction.